Wonder Woman, part 1.

I love female superheroes, and I think it’s important that young girls read and watch them. Boys have a variety of strong role models; girls are less lucky.  But in some ways it’s getting better, and Wonder Woman at Super Hero High by Lisa Yee is an example of that.

It’s a tie-in novel to the DC Superhero Girls cartoon.  When I first heard the synopsis, I assumed they attended an all-girl superhero school; that’s how bad representation is.  But these stories are set at Super Hero High, a school with students like Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Hal Jordan as Green Lantern, and yet focus on the stories of these girls.

I had a hard time getting into the book at first.  Yee needed to introduce the school and the world it’s in, where superheroes are so common there are multiple schools to teach them, and the story is a little slow while she sets it up.  Meanwhile, she is also introducing the characters, who are lovable and engaging and make the exposition worth it.  Once the story is underway, it becomes a fast-paced adventure as Wonder Woman works to fit in at Super Hero High, solve the mystery of who is trying to force her out, and figure out who she wants to be.

If you like the DC universe, there are a lot of fun Easter Eggs.  Wonder Woman meets Steve Trevor and learns what a crush is.  Amanda Waller is the no-nonsense principal, the Wall.  And a few of the more obscure heroes (and reformed villains) are the Super Hero High teachers.  It’s also a nice way to introduce kids to the universe, as it features most of the big players in one form or another.

There are also some lessons every kid should know.  Wonder Woman sees a counselor every week and has to learn to balance taking care of herself with her high-achiever personality.  The story is focused on team work and caring for others, not only physically but emotionally.

It’s a fantastic book and doesn’t take too long to read.  I can’t wait to read Supergirl’s adventure next.

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