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The Whispering Bench

There’s this bench on campus called the “Whispering Bench.”  Why?  If you put your ear on a certain crack on one side (about where the seat meets the back), you can hear someone’s whisper from the other side.

A friend actually showed me this Wednesday, but I got to share it with someone else on Thursday.  We also went to the library and found a stray Frequent Buyers card for the bookstore on campus.

I’m going to take these as adventures.  I think that’s the important thing.

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My First Quest

Yesterday, Kelsey took me on my first adventure.

Well…it wasn’t my first.  But it was the first I went looking for and the first I am sharing with you.

Past the university, there is a large forest called Battlefield Park.  If one were to turn right at this park and go through the neighborhood there, that person would eventally get to a gravel road.  Down that gravel road lies the castle.

The castle was built to house a secret society, which shall remain nameless.  But this society was founded by a law student who liked to traverse those woods and thought about the stories that could have happened there.  He imagined these little magical creatures living in that forest called Gimghouls.

Behind the castle is a stone bench, and the view (while slightly obscured) is fantastic.

Magic like this is closer than you think.  You just have to bother to look.

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