Mom asked Allison to come home this weekend so we could plan her (very late) graduation trip.  It wasn’t going very well because Allison can’t make a decision to save her life.  But as we sat there, going a couple rounds of “what do you want to do?” and “do you want a more active trip or more relaxing?” and she says, “I do want to see the circus!”

…that wasn’t really one of the options.  In fact, they had JUST been in Charlotte, and it was Ringling Brothers last year performing.

“Well,” Mom said, after a quick internet search, “They are in Greensboro today at 5.”

And that’s how we ended up driving to Greensboro at the last minute in order to see the circus.  Sometimes, my family does something that reminds me where I get half my personality from.

Last week I bought tickets to two concerts in Nashville and planned a last-minute trip there.  I wasn’t sure I should go because I still haven’t settled the “income” problem (related: if you sign up TODAY-Feb. 14th, you can still get a postcard from Nashville), but then I thought: What’s going to make me happy right now?  Especially being the first Valentine’s Day after the end of a serious relationship.

The drive back from the circus was stressful, with a 30 minute delay on the interstate, but the show was absolutely worth it.  The tigers were adorable and followed by a show of trained poodles (a BIG poodle actually ended up walking a smaller one – it was SO CUTE).  The tightrope walkers were impressive.  At one point, two of them carried a bar between them and a third sat on a chair balanced on that bar.  We had absolute nosebleed seats but that meant we could see everything.

I was most impressed by the control of it all.  They’ve practiced so often and timed it so well that each act moves seamlessly into the next.  They set up the next props while the audience is focused on the current act.

After 145 years, the show is ending.  If you have a chance to see it in one of the cities it’s still going to, you should go.  But I say yes to a lot of things.  Makes life an adventure.

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