Nashville, Take 2.

I wanted to film a vlog in Nashville, but I need a better camera for that.  Next time.

I stayed at the Music City Hostel in the Vanderbilt area.  If you’re looking for a cheap place to stay, I would recommend it.  This place is clean, cozy, impeccably decorated and Tina, who manages it, is lovely to talk to.

I only went to one bar this time, Winners, and I went for Whiskey Jam.  If you want to see some up-and-coming music acts, this is the place to be on Monday nights.  But Tuesday is when I got into the real reasons I went.

That morning, despite the rain, I toured the Opry, an expensive activity but absolutely worth it.  If you enjoy the history and tradition of country music, this place feels like home.  Restored after the flood of 2010, it is also a testament to the passion and perseverance of the art form and the creators who still pursue it.

I also saw a show there Tuesday night.  I had been waiting for someone I loved (coughBradPaisleycough) to perform, but went instead for Valentine’s Day, knowing only two of the performers beforehand.  It felt like I had stepped out of time, with a live announcer and red On-Air sign.  You’re paying for that experience – the music is icing.  I suggest a seat upstairs so you can take in the whole sight.

And speaking of sights…the thing that actually took my breath away was the statue of Athena at Nashville’s Centennial Park.  The full-sized Parthenon replica is impressive, but at 42-feet and dressed in glowing gold, the Athena inside is its true appeal.

Reba put on a spectacular show, but I wasn’t as in awe of her venue, the Ryman Auditorium, as I was the Opry House.  Next time, I’ll take the tour and see if that helps.  I liked the Country Music Hall of Fame, but wasn’t as enthralled as the first time I visited.  I do suggest going once – and before May to catch the Brad Paisley: Diary of a Player exhibit.  This is another place the history and tradition of country music is kept alive in Nashville.

Meanwhile, I had a delicious breakfast at Another Broken Egg Cafe.  This isn’t some greasy spoon: I had an omelette with crab and cream cheese and a very fancy (and alcoholic) coffee.  It’s about a block from the Ryman and two from the Hall of Fame, so not a bad place to get your day in Nashville started.

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