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Well Here’s an Update for You

I joined Tinder this week.

There’s this episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine (God, I am LOVING this show) when Rosa tells Jake the “Only way to move on is to move on, whether you think you’re ready or not.”  Since I’m having a hard time meeting people IRL (nerd-speak for “when you’re not hiding behind your computer”), I thought I’d give online dating a try.

I didn’t want to use Match or eHarmony because I’m not looking for someone to fall in love or spend the rest of my life with.  It’s not a priority; I’ve got other things to do.  (“There’s a million things I haven’t done, but just you wait…”)  I was looking for something casual and with little pressure (because, you know, anxiety).  I wanted to meet some new people and maybe go on a date or two.

But I’m not sure Tinder was the way to do that.

It’s casual all right, but it gets that from its superficiality.  Someone’s “profile” is a series of one to six pictures.  The bios are bare bones at most.  The most intimate information I’ve gotten about anyone on there is that they have a dog, or they like the Tar Heels and traveling.  One asked me to join a three some (umm…why?) and one was a guy I knew from college who said it was awkward when I messaged him (so why’d you swipe right, dude?).  One guy talked to me for five minutes and asked to find me on Facebook.

I stopped talking to all of them.

I know someone who uses Tinder to find people to talk to and has had some decent conversations on there.  A friend of a friend went on Tinder and found a guy to go rock climbing with.  Two rock-climbing dates later, and she never saw him again.  These things appeal to me and, maybe, if I keep sifting through, I’ll come across some people with a similar mindset.  Maybe I won’t, but there’s no harm in giving it a chance.

So no, despite all of this, I’m not going to uninstall just yet.  It may have been fruitless so far, but it has not been boring, and I’ll stick with it until it stops being fun.

In conclusion: Tinder might not be for me…but then again, maybe it is.  No way to know until you try.

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