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Love and Work

I love most Disney movies but, if I had to pick a top ten, it would include The Princess and the Frog.  Tiana has a dream all right, but she turns it into a Goal and works her butt off in order to achieve it.  I always liked what her dad said: “You wish on that star, but it can only take you part of the way.  You have to help it out with hard work.”  And she does.

Then, things don’t go exactly as she planned.  She falls in love.  And she has to choose between Naveen and finally getting the thing she’s worked so hard for.

There are a lot of romantic comedies marketed towards grown women that handle this storyline with less grace than this animated feature.  Woman works hard to get what she wants, man comes along and shows her that all work and no play blah blah blah.  Love is more important than life-long goals anyway, right?

But at the beginning of The Princess and the Frog, Tiana has made it.  She should be reaping the rewards of her hard work except someone moved the finish line.  So she does something desperate in order to get what she’s already earned: she kisses the frog.

This is where the storyline deters from a typical story like this.  Tiana does fall in love with Naveen, but only after he learns the value of hard work and after he decides to prioritize her goal as much as she does.  She does choose Naveen over finally seeing her dream come true, but it’s a corrupted version of her dream anyway: a version that requires hurting people she cares about and a literal deal with the devil.  It makes her realize why she’d had this dream to begin with.  And, in the end, Naveen does everything in his power to make her dream come true.  She did choose his safety over the restaurant, but if he had sat at home while she built Tiana’s Place from the ground up, that boy would have been back on the street again.

All that to say, I saw an article this week that said millenials were prioritizing education and careers over marriage like it was a bad thing, but if your spouse isn’t as invested in your future as you are, there’s nothing wrong with wanting more.

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The Bucket List

Face it: Everybody has one.  Even if that isn’t what they call it, everyone has a bucket list.  It’s the things they would like to do, the things they would regret not doing if they knew they would die tomorrow.  Mine currently has 107 items.  I know.  Lots of things.  These 107 items include career items, like finish writing a novel, hear a song I wrote on the radio, and work on a Disney princess movie (by the way Disney, I already have a story in mind and I am totally available).  There are also some experiences I’d like to have like seeing the Grand Canyon and the Northern Lights and having lunch with Sarah Dessen.  There are some items that are going to take a little more time, like learn to play guitar, take a cross-country road trip, visit every Major League Baseball stadium in America.  And there are the growing up ones, where I want to get married and have and adopt kids.

I wrote them all down.  I came across them the other day, and it’s serving as a really nice reminder.  See, I’m currently living with my mom and working part-time at my local library.  Sometimes I worry that nothing is changing, that on December 31, 2015, I will look back and say, “I am in exactly the same place I was last year.”

But looking over my list, I accomplished several things in 2014.  I drank Irish coffee (in Ireland, of all places), I walked across the London Bridge, I studied at Oxford, and worked at Disney World.  But these were all big things that I mostly only managed because I was still in school.  But I also managed to drink a beer at a Brad Paisley concert while he sang “Alcohol,” which has been kind of a huge dream of mine since I was 18.

I’m currently working on the “finish a novel” thing.  The waltzing, guitar playing, and two-stepping I could learn, if I would just, you know, get started.  Having lunch with Sarah Dessen is going to be a little trickier, but maybe once I’m a published novelist, we can bond over being Tar Heel girls. (In case you haven’t noticed, Sarah Dessen is my favorite writer of all time.  It’s why she gets so many mentions.)  Some of the items are big and are going to take more resources than I have right now.  But some of them aren’t and I could do before the end of 2015.

And I think, if I didn’t finish them, it wouldn’t be the end of the world.  The “traveling to every MLB stadium in America” one was my dad’s, and I want to do it because he didn’t get to.  So maybe, when I’m gone, someone who loves me will find my list and start working on the rest.

The point is to take advance of every opportunity you’ve got, but also to work towards what you have to make happen yourself.  It’s a balance.

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Book A Day Challenge, 12 through 18

Hello again!  Like promised, I’m going to do seven more books from PenguinUK’s December book challenge.  1 through 11 can be found here.

This was found on the PenguinUKBooks Instagram.

This was found on the PenguinUKBooks Instagram.

12. Book of Poems: I wanted to use my Langston Hughes book, but I’ve kind of misplaced it.  So instead, I decided to use the prettiest book of poems I have: Princess by Tennyson.  It also has my favorite poem of all time in it: The Lady of Shalott.


13. Stocking filler: I picked this one specifically because of its size.  The picture has it next to a coffee mug so you can see how small it is.  I bought it in London, and it’s a replica of a book created for Queen Mary’s dollhouse.


14. Read at school: I was an English major, so there are a lot of books I could have used for this one.  Plus, my seventh grade math teacher saw me at my job at the library and said, “This is the perfect place for you!  How do they keep you from reading all the books?” so I could also put a lot of books here that I literally read at school.  But this was one of my favorites, which I read my senior year of high school.  Plus, I’ve been thinking about that class a lot anyway because my senior English teacher’s wife just passed away, and…well, it doesn’t seem quite real.


15.  Favorite color cover:  For the poetry question, I had a lot of books to choose from.  This book could have easily fit the description, but it is also pink with black in it, and those are my favorite colors.


16. It’s already wrapped, but you can see the actual book here. It’s called Beautiful Brides, because my cousin has been wanting a book that has Jasmine’s wedding in it and we’re trying to teach her to read.  Which is why I don’t mind posting it here.  She’ll never know.  Anyway, I love her a lot.  Sometimes my boyfriend has to remind me that she isn’t actually my child.


17. A funny read…not for the faint of heart or easily offended.  Or…even the not so easily but still possible to be offended.


18. And a massive tome.  Possibly the longest book I’ve ever read.  Not that I’ve measured…


So show up next week to see 19 through 25!  I will still post, even though it’s Christmas.  And we’ll see what books I get!

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