May Blog Posts

In the interest of doing all my blog posts ON TIME this month, I planned a subject for every Tuesday in May.

Except, umm…this one.  Oops.

Looking at my assignments calendar, I don’t see a subject I can hijack for this post that can get written in the next hour and a half.  I worked eight hours today and didn’t plan ahead, so I don’t have time to put the work in.  And now it’s too late and dark to make a video tonight.  SO…

…I got nothing.  Shit.

And I actually planned for the month too.

Here, I can prove it.  This is my blog schedule for the month.

May 4th: Postcards from the Edge, a Book Club Thursday tribute to Carrie Fisher.  This is the only Book Club Thursday post I’ve planned.  The rest will depend on what book I read that week.

May 9th: Review Bill Nye’s show on Netflix.  I can’t do this one tonight because I still need to finish the season that’s up online.

May 16th: Day in the Life of Kate Spade.  I’ll take you behind the scenes and show you what my new job is like, and since this is right before Mother’s Day, it’s bound to be extra interesting.  (That being said, if you’re in the Charlotte area and you need a Mother’s Day gift, come see me!)

May 23rd: Writing Space Makeover.  As I said in my last post, my writing space could use some sprucing.  Once I figure out what to do with it (and get it done), I’ll show you guys before and after pictures and my reasoning for each decision.

May 30th: Bullet Journaling.  I’ve been doing it for almost a year now, but I finally got colored pencils and am trying a few different layouts this month.  I’ll show you my methods and how effective they’ve been for me.

See?  I planned for May, and pretty well at that.  I just forgot one little thing…the first post.

Oh well.  I’ll have to do better in June.

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