5 Shows to Binge-Watch on Netflix

I’ve had difficulty blogging this month.  The truth is, nothing is really happening in my life right now.  I’m still waiting on my car, I’m still waiting on a grad school dcision, I’m still waiting on a job to come through.  I was supposed to go to England this week, but there was an abrupt change of plans.  I havn’t even been reading much.  (Yes, I AM in a bad headspace, thanks for asking.)

I am going to try to plan better so I am less likely to get stuck for a topic and more likely to blog on time.  Maybe it won’t help, but I’m going to try.  For instance, next week I’ll be blogging about Beauty and the Beast.

In the meantime, if you’re bored and/or depressed and need something to binge-watch on Netflix, here’s what I’m watching right now.

  1. The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.
    love this Netflix-original.  I avoided it for a while (for reasons I no longer remember) but watched both seasons in the last week.  It is bright and sunny and features a main character who is allowed to be both determinedly tough and adorably innocent.  It handles trauma and hardships with humor without dimiishing them.  Basically, it’s the sweetest show about a survivor you’ll ever watch.
  2. iZombie
    A zombie show where the protagonist is the zombie, this one is a mix between a police-procedural show and a drama.  Neither is a genre I usually tune in for, but iZombie is funny and exciting and I love the characters.  I couldn’t stop because I kept needing to know what happened next.  Plus, the supernatural element added a unique layer.  In most zombie stories, everything goes to shit immediately.  Instead, iZombie asks, “How could one live among us?”
  3. A Series of Unfotunate Events
    I wrote a brief review of the first season following its release, but a second one was just announced.  Yay!  (The announcement is written in typical Snicket fashion.)  A recap: Neil Patric Harris is hilariously creepy and creepily hilarious.  Patrick Warburton narrates in the same style as the books, which enhances the drama.  And the story itself manages to be fun (despite its horrors) due to the lovable Baudelaire children and the sprinkled clues that will add up to the final mystery.
  4. The West Wing
    This show has gained many new watchers since the inauguration.  It’s another one with the perfect combination of humor and drama and characters you’ll love.  I’m still hoping for a modern reboot (President Donna Moss, anyone?) but am happy to keep watching this one over and over.  If nothing else, it keeps hope alive.  “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Do you know why?” President Bartlett says.  “Because it’s the only thing that ever has,” Bailey answers.  This show really made me believe that.
  5. Phineas and Ferb
    (Let’s be real: I’m always watching Phineas and Ferb.)  If you need a laugh, if you need something clever, if you need something to take you back and remind you of the good old days when your biggest question was “What will we do for summer vacation?” and you HAD a summer vacation…here you go.  It’s easy and fun to watch, but also smart.  It always makes me happy.  Sometimes you need something like that.

There you go.  If you need a distraction, or just a new story, these shows are great for that.  Enjoy!

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