Picking Battles

Last year, when my contract at BB&T ran out, I went on this massive road trip.  (You may have read about it.)  One of my motivations was that I was so tired of being angry all the time.  That was fine.  That was time for me to take care of myself.  Now it’s time to be angry.

  1. Flint, Michigan is still without clean water.  It’s been almost three years.  The state government was ordered to give the residents bottled water but refused because it’s “too costly.”  And they still expect residents to pay for the bad water.
  2. There are 1.6 million young people (teenagers mostly) who are homeless in America.  Almost half of them are LGBTQ community and a lot of them are in that situation because their parents, many of whom are religious, have kicked them out of their homes.
  3. Pretty much everything Donald has done since being sworn in.  His Cabinet nominees are, for the most part, as unqualified as he is.  The Press Secretary has already lied to the American public and is more focused on defending the president’s ego than on actually informing the public.  They took down all the whitehouse.gov pages on pertinent issues like global warming, disabilities, and the LGBTQ community.  Furthermore, they’re using this to distract the public from actual policy work they’ve been doing, the same way they used Pence’s “rivalry” with the Hamilton cast to distract you from Donald’s settling a fraud lawsuit for $25 million.  And I’m still pretty pissed that we have such an antiquated system like the Elector Collage in place so that a person who lost the popular vote by over 2.5 million votes still gets to be president.  Don’t you tell me we should have voted instead of complaining now: we DID vote.
  4. The fact that this is a thing.  And this.  And this.  And…one more.  Xenophobia is not okay, and it is not “just another point of view.”  It is dangerous.

It is important to take time to take care of ourselves…but it is also important to draw a line and say “This is important to me, and I’m going to fight you on it.”  Picking your battles is a self-preservation method.  I don’t judge anyone who needs to step away from politics and social issues to protect their mental health.  As for me, it’s time to get in the game and pick a couple fights.  These are the ones I intend to prioritize.

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