Friday, the United States is going to have a new president.  I’m struggling to find words to explain how upset I am by this development.  It’s one thing to defend someone else’s view of Donald, but to proffer my own is a different matter.

He isn’t even president yet, and I can’t see how the next four years are going to go well.  Everyone he has picked for his Cabinet has been almost as unqualified for their position as Donald is for his.  Is he really going to kick the press out of the White House?  That doesn’t look good for transparency.   In fact, it seems like he wants to oust anyone who disagrees with him or paints him in a bad light.  And, speaking of transparency, why won’t he release his tax returns?

Further, I’m severely distressed by the fact that he got this far at all.  The fact that a man with pending rape charges was allowed to run for the highest office in our country sickens me.  And since the majority of Americans – over 2 million more, in fact – chose Secretary Clinton to be president, I don’t understand why we still have a system in place that makes some votes more valuable than others.

Other things I don’t understand: why so many Americans are so hell-bent on keeping immigrants out of our country when this is a country built on immigrants; why “my health care is more than I want to pay” is a more convincing argument for getting rid of the ACA than “without this health care, I would literally die” is for keeping it; why ANYONE needs an assault rifle and why so many people are still adamant about keeping the damn things legal when so many people have died.  Why are there so many people desperate to keep Social Security around but angry at people collecting unemployment, considering both are things we pay into as we work?  Why is getting an education considered such a privilege that people born into poorer families have to practically sell their souls in order to get it?  Why why why.

I have far more questions than answers these days, but here’s one that still bugs me: Donald says he’ll make America “great” again – when’s the last time it was great?

My vision of a great America is not a country where people with curable diseases have to die because they can’t afford their health care.  It is not a country where those born into poverty are kept there because they can’t crawl out of debt.  America will be great when achieving that elusive “American dream” does not require stepping on someone else to do so.

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