A Series of Unfortunate Events, Pt. 2

Oh yeah, I have to accomplish something today.  Oops.

I’m still rereading A Series of Unfortunate Events.  While I haven’t made it as far as I would like (I’m on book 9 of 13, not including the two supplemental books I also wanted to read, and I really hoped to be finished tomorrow), nine books in two weeks is still pretty impressive.  More importantly, once I reached book number four, The Austere Academy, I began enjoying them again.

Two important things happen in The Austere Academy: the Baudelaires meet the Quagmire triplets and are introduced to the initials V.F.D.

Like the Baudelaires, the Quagmires also lost their parents in a fire and are alone in the world but for each other…which is why they bond so quickly and become friends.  The Quagmires are the first people the Baudelaires can truly trust.  They believe them about Olaf and even try to help, despite it being incredibly dangerous.  Having friends makes the Baudelaires’ situation more bearable, both for them and for the readers.

Unfortunately (spoiler alert), the Quagmire triplets are captured by Count Olaf at the end of the book.  As they are driven away, they try to tell their friends about the secret they discovered about Count Olaf and V.F.D.  Doubly unfortunate for the Baudelaires, they don’t have time to give them any information about V.F.D. and what it stands for, sending the siblings on a quest for answers.  For books five through thirteen, they are chasing information on this organization.  I enjoy these last books more because I know what the books are heading towards.

I do still love Snicket’s writing style: amusing and easy to understand without being condescending.  I especially love how he defines words based on context more than the dictionary definition.  He also makes it clear he respects both his readers and his main characters, despite the fact that they’re children.  And I love them too: the Baudelaire children are clever, kind, and good-natured.  I’ve also noticed that Snicket did hide some fun references for his adult readers, like referring to a poet as “Sappho” and using the phrase “le petite mort.”

I’m looking forward to the Netflix series more than I was at this time last week.  Hopefully I’ll finish the reread in time.

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