Six of Crows

A couple weeks ago, a friend (who doesn’t usually talk books with me) sent me a Snap.  “Have you read Six of Crows?  I think you’d really like it!”

I made a note of it but, because I wasn’t buying books at the moment and won’t read books I don’t own, I figured it would be a while.  Then a different friend let me choose a Blind Date with a Book for my Christmas present.  Based on a very vague description, I chose Six of Crows.

“I thought you’d end up with that one,” she said.  “I think you’ll really like it.”

A third friend got really excited when I put a picture of the book’s maps on my SnapChat story.  This book came highly recommended…and it absolutely lived up to the hype.

The description for my blind date was “felt like watching Leverage.”  To me, it was a mix between Leverage and Firefly.

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo is a fast-paced heist story.  These characters are on a Mission and every action either brings them closer or further from their goal.  With all the twists and turns, the reader is constantly desperate to find what happens next.  It’s an exciting plot, but the best part is the characters and their found-family dynamic.

You can pick your own favorite…but if it’s not Inej, you’re wrong. The Wraith is the glue that holds the team together.  Everyone loves Inej.

But they’re ALL wonderful.  Kaz is a beautiful train wreck, Wylan and Jesper are adorable, Nina gets to be a different kind of strong than Inej, though just as powerful, and Matthias grows so much and so realistically over the course of the story.

Between the plot and the characters, the story is unique and fascinating, but it’s the writing that elevates it all.  Bardugo describes this sci-fi universe with enough detail that it presents a vivid picture.  The action is described so clearly that it’s like we’re there.  She looks into each character’s mind so clearly that the reader can understand the motivations even they may not recognize yet.

By the end of the book you will be sucked into the action, but also so in love with the characters that you feel like you’ve gone on a trip with your new best friends.  It’s so good that I’m going to actually buy the sequel as soon as Christmas is over.  It’s amazing.

Don’t let the “YA” label fool you.  If you like sci-fi and adventure, this is the story for you.  And who doesn’t like adventure?

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