2016 and Beyond

I am sick.  Ugh.

I would probably feel better today if I hadn’t overdone it yesterday, but my NYU application is in and I saw a friend who I haven’t seen in a while.  Still, today I cancelled my hair appointment, didn’t see Rogue One (sad face), and stayed in bed.  Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow.

I thought, since I was stuck at home, this would be a good time for end of year reflections.  Let’s be honest: a lot of 2016 really fucking sucked.  But SOME good did come out of the year, so here are five things I accomplished plus some of my goals for 2017.

Accomplishment #1: I submitted my first grad school application and am almost done with the second.

Goal #1: To move to New York City by this time next year, whether I get into grad school or not.

Accomplishment #2: Have read 46 books and counting.

Goal #2: Empty my TBR shelf by reading all the books I can and getting rid of others.  (My friend read 120 books or something this year, so I’m sure it can be done.)

Accomplishment #3: Saved $5000 for my road trip.

Goal #3: Pay off all credit cards and save $5000 for a trip to Japan.

Accomplishment #4: Crossed off Route 66 road trip from my bucket list.

Goal #4: Visit New Orleans and leave the country at least once (Japan if Katie is living there, Italy or Scotland on the off-chance she’s not.  Or in addition, if I can manage…)

Accomplishment #5: Finished draft 4 of the Robin Hood novel and sent it to readers for an opinion.

Goal #5: Get something published professionally AND get through draft 1 of the second part of the Robin Hood novel.

I feel like I have a PLAN now…but that’s how I felt last year and the thing imploded.  And despite all the bad, I managed to do some good in my life.

Still: here’s to a better 2017 for all of us.  Fingers crossed.

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