5 Places to Eat in Chapel Hill

Every time I go to Chapel Hill, I say I’m going to try something new.  Instead I always revisit the places I loved as a student.  Don’t get me wrong: I want to try new places…but these are just so damn good.  Here’s my top 5.(Note: Those who know me will be surprised that Alpine didn’t make the cut, but it’s actually a chain which doesn’t count for these purposes.)

5. Top of the Hill: I’ve only eaten there a few times because it’s incredibly expensive.  It is worth it though, as it’s gourmet-levels of delicious.  The best part though is the view from the balcony, especially at night.  Beautiful.

4. Linda’s: Linda’s is more like a bar that serves food than a restaurant, but the food is really good.  Their claim to fame is the Sweet Potato tots.  Also, it’s an incredibly chill atmosphere.

3. Sugarland: This is not a place for meal, but if you want ice cream, cupcakes, or a really good chocolate martini, this is the place for you.  SO GOOD.

2. Spanky’s: This is a Chapel Hill classic with pub-style food.  Great wings, burgers, and ribs, but they also have things like duck sliders and bourbon bread pudding for the adventurous.  And of course, you can always watch a Carolina game here.

1. Sutton’s: This is it folks.  If you are only going to be in Chapel Hill for one day, this is the place to go.  Whether you’re there for breakfast or lunch, it’s going to be delicious.  The best though? The burger!

Honorable mention to He’s Not Here, which doesn’t serve food (as far as I know) but is the best place on Franklin to drink.

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