(This was written and originally posted on Halloween, 2016 on my Patreon page.)

I’m sorry because, 1, this is pushing it by local times, meaning it’s downright late by EST, where my patrons are and 2, I’m mildly drunk because I spent Halloween in Vegas.  BUT…I’m going to do this anyway.  Here we go.

Vegas, you may or may not know, isn’t on Route 66.  It’s a hundred and more miles away from “the route.”  So why am I in Vegas, you may ask.

Because I can be.

I accidentally booked a  night in Dolan Springs instead of Needles (which you would know if you were following my Twitter).  That’s all it took for me to be reminded that I am always in exactly the right place at exactly the right time.  The ranch I stayed on, in Dolan Springs, was peaceful, beautiful, and everything I could have wanted from an AirBNB.  Plus, my hostess was amazing, both welcoming and kind.  I’d love to stay there again.  Then I drove from Kingman to Oatman, the hardest drive I’ve ever made in my life.  I wouldn’t have wanted to miss it, because it was a beautiful, scenic route through the Black Mountains, and I wouldn’t have wanted to do it at night, because it probably would have killed me.

Driving north, I booked an empty bed at Las Vegas Hostel.  Honestly, I was lucky one was open.

Once again, things worked out.  That seems to be the motto of the trip: Things. Worked. Out.

That being said: I’m going to keep putting my faith in destiny.  I’m going to keep believing that I will wind up exactly where I need to wind up.  So far it has proven true and has worked out to my advantage.  You learn a lot on your own, but the most important thing you learn on your own is that…you aren’t alone.  Not really.  There is always someone on your side, and everything is going to be all right.

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