An Announcement

It’s official: September 30th will be my last day with BB&T.

I took the job expecting my life was going a certain way but things took a turn a few months ago.  Renewing my contract would have been the wrong move for me but, due to budget I’m told, the bank didn’t give me the option anyway.  It couldn’t be clearer: it’s time for a new adventure.  One of the road trip variety.

I’ve been thinking about a Route 66 trip for so long that it’s hard to believe it’s only a month and a day away.  There’s so much I have to do during that time in order to be ready: cleaning, saving another thousand dollars, actual planning, and The Margo List.  Oh, and getting a decent start on my grad school application.

It would have been prudent to schedule my departure for October 7th at earliest, giving myself a full week off to accomplish some of these things.  I’m just so emotionally ready to be out of here that anything later than “the very moment possible” seemed too late.  So I’m leaving, bright and early, October 1st.

Besides, running headfirst into things is the Gryffindor way.

People have a lot of questions about this trip, and the underlying one seems to be “Why?”  A few answers:

Because I can.  For the first time in my life, I actually can.

Because my entire life is up in the air and I want to do something fun while I wait for it to land.

Because my dream job is to travel and write stories, and I felt it was time to get on that.  Because I wanted to see if that was even possible.

That being said, for those of you who already knew about the trip, here’s the announcement for you: I started a Patreon account.  It’s a crowdfunding website (kind of like Kickstarter or GoFundMe) for creators.  It’s a way to support writers, artists, and musicians so they have more time to create.

For me, it’s about being a professional writer again, and seeing how far I’d have to go if I wanted to make a career travel-blogging.  And it’s about keeping me encouraged and writing even when it gets hard and I want to give up.  It’s easier to tell good stories when you know someone is listening; deadlines mean more when you know you’re disappointing someone else if you don’t meet them.

If you’re interested in supporting my writing this way, it only takes a dollar – though I tried to plan some nice rewards for those who wanted to do more.  My next trip is September 9th, so sign up by then if you want a postcard from Arizona.

If that’s not something you want to do, the next best thing is to keep reading.  I’m looking forward to having all kinds of adventures in the next couple months, and I want to write about them and share them with you.

So strap in folks.  We’re going on an adventure.

(Tune in next Tuesday for a FAQ video regarding the trip.  And yes, if you pledge $5, you’ll get to see it on Monday.)

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