Twenty Years Later

After my terrible experience with The Casual Vacancy, you’d think I’d stay far away from the new Rowling book.  But I have always been loyal to Harry (and besides, I’d already pre-ordered), so I read it.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was basically everything I wanted from the epilogue of the seventh book.  We see more of our Golden Trio and what they’ve become, which is to say (mostly) more mature versions of themselves.

Harry finally deals with his trauma (and confronts Dumbledore about the mistakes he made).  I honestly never shipped him with Ginny before this book, but their marriage is everything one should be.  We see the return of Book Ron: goofy, loyal, and the only one magic comes entirely naturally to.  His primary focus is his kids, which is heartwarming, and his relationship with Hermione has deepened and matured while still holding the fundamental elements that have always made them fit.  And Hermione Fucking Granger herself…she is still the literal best.  She makes my feminist heart so very happy…and wait until you hear her job title.  (I’d tell you, but it was my favorite surprise and my first gasp-out-loud moment of the book.)

The story itself can get to be cheesy at times, but this is a magical world where love and friendship are often lauded as the ultimate weapons.  What else would you expect?  The plot focuses on Albus (Potter) and Scorpius (Malfoy who, by the way, is GREAT) facing the consequences of their parents’ choices.  They all have to learn to relate to one another and communicate, where they can and can’t change things, and what to do when faced with what they can affect.  We actually get to see some of the ways the world could have turned out differently.

(And Snape shows up and is only a bit of a jerk instead of a horrible human being?  Maybe he just needed another 20 years to figure shit out?)

All in all, it’s a great story about how little things can make a huge impact.  Plus, it felt like a high school reunion with the classmates you’d ACTUALLY want to see again.  And, just like the other Harry Potter books, it kept me hooked until the end.  The story was so immersive in fact that I barely noticed the play format (which was something I was worried about).

But unlike the other books, I’m satisfied with its conclusion, because it feels like the story is complete now.  We see how everyone’s turned out, some issues that were ignored in the last book finally get satisfying resolutions (Malfoy, guys…Malfoy), and I am left with the peace that…this is what a happy ending feels like.

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