In Light of Recent Events

Ever read a “choose your own adventure” book growing up?  (Honestly, I hated them.)  But now I’m going to give you the opportunity to CHOOSE YOUR OWN BLOG POST!

If you, like me, are tired and can’t take anything else about the fucking massacre that just happened in Orlando, look below for some pictures of my cats being adorable.

If, on the other hand, you want to read my reaction to the event, scroll down a little bit farther.  I’ve got something to say.

The striped one is Minnie and the black one is Boo.  They’re precious.



Cell Phones

The girl on the desk is on the phone
With yet another person wanting to learn self defense.
“We get a lot of new people after tragedy,”
She says, but I say nothing.
I am still thinking about the cell phones.
I get the message
From my ex asking why I don’t want to see him anymore and I
Have the list to share but not the energy.
So I leave his message on read,
Still thinking about the cell phones.
I can’t get away from it.
Even in the grocery store,
I’m scrolling through the list I’ve tapped out on my note pad app,
Trying to focus on where are the apples and
Will the bananas go bad in my trunk but
I cannot stop thinking about the cell phones.
Two days later, ten minutes late,
Grabbing my purse and my phone and my pills
With shaking hands, still thinking
Of tangled hair and limbs and ringtones,
As someone somewhere calls again
Praying praying praying
The ringing will stop.
Praying they’ll hear the click,
The breath,
And not the mechanical beep with the mechanical voice
Telling them the box is full.
The flags will come down.
The lights will return to a shimmering white.
But I will never get the ringing
Of those goddamn cell phones
Out of my ears.
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