The End of the Great Coffee Drought of 2016

I found out after the fact, when I couldn’t do anything about it.  Not that I didn’t have a choice: I could replace the pot, the only part that was actually broken, or just get a new coffee maker.

The most advanced feature on the old coffee maker was an on-off switch, so upgrading was a no-brainer.  I’d never chosen one before, but I thought it would be a good idea to make a list of the features I wanted.  That way, I could make sure the new one met my needs.

  • Programmable auto-on
  • Programmable auto-off
  • Brew pause
  • 12-cups
  • Pink
  • A brand I had heard of before (usually my mother’s standard)

But when I went to Wal-Mart to look for one, none of the choices they presented had everything.  Still, the one I picked was much better than my old one.

I could set it to start brewing so I didn’t have to go downstairs first thing in the morning to flip the switch myself.  It would automatically turn off after two hours—not as good as letting me set the shut-off time, but better than going off after a single hour when I still wasn’t done or staying on all day because I forgot to hit the button.  It was the right size and had the brew pause option so I could pour a cup before it was done.  I wasn’t familiar with the brand, but that wasn’t a huge sticking point with me.

The biggest disappointment was that it wasn’t pink, but it was pretty in its own way.  Besides, it did the most important things, so I was happy with it.  I expected to use it a while, probably taking it to my own kitchen when I finally moved out of my mother’s house.

The next morning, coffee slowly dripping into the pot, it was even prettier.  I was pleased that I had made such a good, adult purchase.

But the morning after that, I went downstairs to an empty pot, despite having set it the night before.  I pushed the brew button, toggled some switches, even unplugged it and plugged it back in.  The clock still said the correct time but, no matter what I did, it would not give me any coffee.

I couldn’t do much about it at the time, so I went to work and left it alone.  When I got home, I glanced over to see if there had been a delayed response.

Nope. Still nothing.

I’d had a miserable couple of days without my caffeine boost.  I was perfectly willing to compromise on some features, but it didn’t do its most basic job—if the coffee maker didn’t actually make coffee, what was the point of it?

I went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond that night ready to be picky.  We had to special order it and I had to wait a few more days, but I got the pink one.  It has all the features I listed.  And, so far at least, it keeps making the coffee.  Five pots so far to the last coffee maker’s one.

And it’s pretty damn delicious too.

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