Thinking Out Loud

One of the reasons Inside Out is such an important movie is the message that no one is supposed to be happy all the time.  Denying your feelings is more harmful than sadness itself.

I felt a lot of difficult things in February.  I wasn’t writing because I didn’t have anything to say about them, except when drinking, but alcohol and the internet have never been a good combination.  (Hell, I have enough problems combining alcohol and a big mouth.)

Yesterday, I went to dinner with a good friend and had a long talk with my favorite bartender, and she reminded me of something else.  While everything you’re feeling is valid and you should let yourself feel them, you also have to separate them from reality.

The sun will come up tomorrow.  Maybe you’ll feel better, maybe you won’t, but it is not the end of the world and it is not the end of you.  It will pass and you will still be standing.

In the meantime, you take your happiness where you can get it.

For me this week, it’s in old friends, new possibilities, and the following playlist.  These songs are making me feel stronger in the face of my struggle and more optimistic about what this new chapter may hold for me.

  1. “Follow Your Arrow” – Kacey Musgraves
  2. “No More Wasted Time” – LaChanze and the cast of If/Then
  3. “Fight Song” – Rachel Platten
  4. “Wait for It” – Leslie Odom Jr. and the cast of Hamilton
  5. “What If” – Idina Menzel and the cast of If/Then
  6. “Born to Fly” – Sara Evans
  7. “Amy aka Spent Gladiator” – The Mountain Goats
  8. “Fly” – Maddie & Tae
  9. “Southern Comfort Zone” – Brad Paisley
  10. “Wide Open” – Jason Aldean

Or the whole playlist is here.  Basically they’re songs about the different paths life can take.  Recently, I thought the path I was on was clear and well-defined.  I thought I knew what was next.  And then something happened that knocked me down and muddied the path.  I don’t know what’s going to happen next, but maybe that’s okay.  I’m looking ahead and I like my options.

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