Right now, I am reading the Alexander Hamilton biography that inspired the musical.  (I’ll tell you more about that next Thursday).  But I’ve also been rewatching Gilmore Girls.  Both of these things are making something very clear to me: in life, as in literature, there are recurring themes, little things that show up again and again.

In one of the most recent episodes (that I’ve watched, not that came out; it was actually a season 2 episode), Lorelai mentions how she’s going to hunt Christopher down like “a half-price Kate Spade purse.”  And now, Kate Spade is the designer I follow on Tumblr and Twitter and actually buy every once in a while.

And there’s a First Union security badge hanging in my closet from a “Bring Your Daughter to Work” day from my childhood.  And now I have a BB&T security badge hanging from the rear view mirror in my car.

(In the episode I’m watching right now, there’s a David Bowie concert.  Freaky.)

Robin Hood is one of those themes for me.  Of course, it’s possible that these themes aren’t any more prevalent in my life than anything else, but that I’m more likely to notice them.  Still, Robin Hood was the first symbol of justice and courage I was exposed to, from the Disney movie which was my first foray into the legend to the current novel I’m working on.

But also like in literature, you can’t always tell what the themes are until the end of it.  The Gilmore Girls Kate Spade reference wouldn’t have meant anything to me the first time I watched it, but now it’s a significant thing.  And I’m looking forward to looking back on my life and discovering what else becomes the thread spanning all the major events of my life.

Also, I’m hoping there’s a lot more Robin Hood and Kate Spade in my future.

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2 thoughts on “Themes

  1. I am so in love with Kate Spade.

  2. I just rewatched that episode, and it definitely jumped out at me!! Oh, to find a retail Kate Spade purse for half price…

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