I am FINALLY going to talk about Supergirl, after promising to for weeks. Keep in mind, I am a single episode behind, so this is before “Human for a Day.”

I was very excited by the show’s premise and had been looking forward to it. The waitress in the first episode said it all: this is someone for our daughters to look up to. We have so many different male superheroes. Having a woman is amazing.

I also love that there are different types of strong women featured in this show. We have Kara, who is inhumanly powerful, Alex, who learned how to be physically powerful, and Cat Grant, who is a successful business woman and has learned how to work the system. She’s the one who tells it like it is about how things are different for women in the world of business.

As the show grows, I anticipate many others. Lucy, for instance, is shaping up to be a bold, intelligent woman. Though she is presumably physically strong, since she’s in the army, that isn’t her defining characteristic.

I was hesitant about her appearance at first. It’s the most boring kind of “drama,” this love triangle. And it pits women against each other in what should be a show about female empowerment. That’s part of why ice been enjoying it less lately. Between that love triangle and the fact that one of the women used the term “friendzone”…

This show needs more female writers. A third of the writers when the show is about women is not enough.

The characters alone are enough to keep me coming back for now, even if the storyline could use some updating. As the characters develop and the show finds its legs, I have complete faith that this show could do a lot to close the gap of men and women superheroes.

And isn’t it about damn time?

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