An Open Letter to Lin-Manuel Miranda

Dear Sir:

I have been listening to your work, the Hamilton soundtrack, for 4 days straight.  Few albums do this to me.  What’s more, I have been listening to it straight through instead of skipping to my favorite songs.  Of course, that’s probably because every song has been my favorite at some point during this long weekend.

Hamilton’s life may end in tragedy, but the music you have written makes every step worth the journey.  Even once the listener knows the ending, they cannot keep from celebrating every moment of his rise to the top or his evolving love story with Eliza.  I imagine this is how you felt reading his biography, and this is part of what compelled you to turn it into a musical to begin with.

There are also the issues it reveals that still haunt America to this day, but I do not feel versed enough to address this as it deserves to be.  What I will say about it is this: it makes me want to dig deeper.

Alexander’s story reminds us that any person can make a difference.  As a writer, I take special encouragement from the idea that it is his words that were so powerful that George Washington asked for him by name.  His writing held so much power that he was considered dangerous as long as he had a quill.

Yours is a piece of art that compels me to write, and though I have been feeling lost lately, it reminds me of why this is the passion I have calling me.  It also reminds me why that endows me with a certain responsibility: a responsibility that you rose to when you wrote Hamilton, which is the responsibility to speak to the real problems in society.  And yet, you do it with humor as well as heart.

In conclusion: please accept my congratulations on successfully creating a beautiful piece of art that is also powerful writing.  Thank you for creating something that touched me on such a personal level.  As a writer who feels both young and hungry, Hamilton is exactly what I needed to get my head back into the game.

And though I do not intend to duel you, I would like to conclude:

I have the honor to be Your Obedient Servant,
K. Johnson.

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2 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Lin-Manuel Miranda

  1. THIS BRINGS ME SUCH JOY. And yeah, Hamilgon has definitely been inspiring me to not throw away my shot.

    Also, did I tell you Lin-Manuel Miranda has a tumblr. Because he does.

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