Oh yeah. I turned 23 last week.

I’m sitting here, racking my brain for something to blog about, when suddenly I remember…I had a birthday last week.

The celebration lasted practically all week.  We started the Saturday before.  My best friend Emily woke up SUPER early to bake me a chocolate rum cake (Thanks Em).  She and a few other girl friends came over that night.  We had a few drinks, ate the cake, and watched Scooby Doo until we fell asleep.  We were also cuddling with kittens that night, so that was fun.

The next night, my boyfriend made me a steak dinner.  It was SO good.  I wish we had the opportunity for him to cook me dinner more often.  He’s really great at cooking.

I picked Mom up from the airport on Wednesday and then met Jennifer at Freeman’s for some birthday drinks.  I finally got to try an Old Fashioned cocktail, and my boyfriend, Jennifer, and Heather (my favorite bartender) sang me “Happy Birthday” exactly at midnight.

On the morning of my birthday, we went to breakfast like we always do on my birthday.  It’s the same place we used to go with my dad, and they would cut my pancakes into the shape of a horse.  They also have excellent coffee.

And then we went to T.G.I.Friday’s for dinner.  Mom let me have a $3 margarita, plus I LOVE their Jack Daniels sauce.  It was all good.

So all in all, my first week as a 23-year-old has been pretty good.  Here are my goals to reach before I turn 24:

  • Finish my novel to the point where I can send it to agents.
  • Get a full time job.
  • Move out of Mom’s house.
  • ACTUALLY learn to play guitar.
  • Get the amount of books I own but haven’t read below 100.
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