Cathy’s Book

I’m still behind, but I’m getting caught up.  At least, this week I am.  This week I have a lot of energy, AND I’m prioritizing with a to-do list.  It’s no longer “read when I feel like it,” but “read for 30 minutes per day regardless.”  Might sound bad, but it actually does feel good.  Plus, with this book, I got so into it that I would read longer than my allotted time.  It just shows that getting into something is half the battle.

I read Cathy’s Book  by Sean Stewart and Jordan Weisman, which I have owned for years now.  This book scared me for two reasons: 1, it had a lot of “evidence” in a pocket in the front, and I wanted to read it when I could pull them all out and examine them without having to worry about losing them; 2, if you look at the cover, you’ll notice…a phone number.

And it isn’t one of those “555” ones.  It’s an actual number.  The story is an interactive mystery.  Visiting the websites wasn’t a problem at all, but calling the numbers?  With my phone anxiety, the first few were almost impossible.  I know they can’t use a phone number that isn’t “555” unless they’re using it for the book, and in that case they probably wouldn’t reach a life person, but part of me kept worrying.  It’s been nine years since this book was published.  Could they have reassigned these numbers by now?

(They haven’t, in case you’re wondering.)

Solving the mystery was fairly satisfying…but also, a little not, since it isn’t exactly a plausible explanation.  And of course, it’s the start of a trilogy, so I feel like there’s more to the story that I can’t get my hands on yet.  But it really was engaging, and it was definitely different than any other book I’ve read recently.

My most favorite thing about this book:  I am so, SO glad that (spoiler alert) he wasn’t a vampire, in the end.  Thank God for that.

My least favorite thing about this book: That it does seem like a shallow mystery and to dig deeper you have to read a second book.

Who I would most like to recommend this book to: Probably 8th graders who like mystery novels.  Or Twilight.

Where this book sits on my bookshelf:  It will go on the shelf in my bedroom, which is the only one unaffected by Mom getting custom shelving in the bonus room.  It will be after my pretty copy of The Winter of Our Discontent and before The Help.

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