Hometown Snapshot

My friend Caroline (from UNC) came to stay with me this weekend.  We had a lot of fun.  At least, I had a lot of fun, and I figure she did also.

She got here Friday night and I made her watch O Brother Where Art Thou, which is an excellent movie.  (“He’s bonafide.”)  Then we slept because it was late and I had to work the next day.

Which I did.  She hung out at the library while I ran around and helped people.  I wore my witchy boots, which came in handy when there was an incident with a roach that would not die when sprayed (it’s dead now).  After work, I took her to R.O.’s.

I’ve been going to R.O.’s my whole life.  It’s a staple in Gaston County, although it has a rival, Black’s.  Basically, if you live in Gaston County, you either eat Black’s or R.O.’s.  R.O.’s is clearly the best, as it has the best burgers, original Cherry-Lemon Sun Drop, and TWO food trucks that make their way around the county.

Then I took her to Will’s (the comic book shop, actually All Things Collectible).  I bought a couple, but the point was really just to show her where I spend a lot of time (usually, though I hadn’t been in a couple months).  When I visited her at school in April, she took me to her comic book store, so I thought I would return the favor.

After a small break, I took her to Freeman’s, which is my regular bar.  I made her try the Guinness wings because I LOVE love love them.  (My friend Jennifer is actually the one who makes them and they are the best.  I did try a salad too and ended up scarfing it down.  It was great.)  Of course, we also each had a pint of Guinness, because she had never tried it before and it’s my favorite thing to drink.

So home it was, where we…watched another movie!  This time it was Penelope.  And then bed.

When we got up, Jennifer brought over Starbucks and we made Caroline watch Descendants with us because, for a movie that came out less than a month ago, we’ve each watched it an astonishing number of times.  We all had Chipotle for lunch, because its the best, and then we went to Tony’s for ice cream.  There is no ice cream better than Tony’s ice cream, I’m entirely convinced of that.

These are things I don’t usually share because they are just a part of the landscape to me.  I grew up on these things.  But places like Freeman’s, Tony’s, and R.O.’s are some of the places that make my hometown special.  So if you ever visit, make sure you stop by.

Personally, I love them all, but I have to say: you’ve never really been to Gaston County if you’ve never tried an R.O.’s burger.

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