Red Dragon

I tried SO hard to finish How to Read Literature like a Professor but today just completely got away from me. I did finally finish Red Dragon, so yay.

I’m doing this on mobile though, so I’m going to keep this short.

It’s a really interesting book. We see the story from many perspectives, but only at appropriate points, so that we still feel Will’s frustration, general suspense, and even fear.  The most amazing thing is that we actually feel sympathy for the killer.  Harris waits until the last moment, until the reader feels as though nothing can make them hate the killer any less, and then he reveals his background. Which does actually garner sympathy.  And since we know the killer before the detective, it employs dramatic irony to great effect.

There is also some pretty good imagery in the book. He calls himself the red dragon, which brings on some biblical allusions. A lot of it is focused on the investigator, and how thinking like a killer ruins his own innocence.  There is also a blind woman, who could symbolize justice, as she is really the one who finally stops the killer.

A lot of it though is really disturbing, and yet you have to know how it ends which is a testament to the writer’s skill.

My friend asked if I would recommend the book, and I told her I couldn’t decide. If you like horror stories, it may be for you. Otherwise…

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