Go to Pittsburgh, they said. It’ll be fun, they said.

This has been a crazy (and busy!) few weeks.  I’m trying very hard to either get a full time job or a freelance career off the ground that functions as a full time job.  (I even have a website, if you were looking to hire someone.)

It’s hard, and I have nothing insightful to say about it, so I thought maybe I could just…tell you guys about my trip to Pittsburgh a couple weeks ago.

Can I do that?

Can I do that?

We drove up (yes, 6 hours there, 7.5 back, and if you aren’t following me on Twitter, you missed out on my #roadtripproblems) so my sister could watch the One Direction concert at Heinz Stadium on Sunday night.  (My mom went with her and has been listening to them NON-STOP ever since.)  We drop up Sunday afternoon, and I spent a little while at the Toonseum and a indie bookstore called “Amazing Books,” where I found, lusted after, and left behind (cries) a first edition of A Little Princess. 

But $200 is a lot of money, so instead we went back to our hotel and then a Mexican restaurant for dinner, before Mom and Allison headed off to their concert.  Meanwhile, Ryan and I decided we were going drinking.

Me and my long hair!

Me and my long hair!

It’s called the Church Brew Works, and I MIGHT get married there.  They made an old church (and it is gorgeous) into a brewery.

Yeah...I took a lot of pics...

Yeah…I took a lot of pics…

So that was great.  Monday, we took a tour of the PNC stadium (one step closer to crossing that off my Bucket List!) and then went to watch the Pirates play the Cubs.  But…it got rained out.  We stayed until midnight waiting through rain delays, until they finally called it.  Of course, that was at two different ends of the day.  In the middle, we went to Primanti Brothers, which is supposed to be pretty famous, and had these really good sandwiches.

We went home Tuesday, but on the way we stopped at the Cathedral of Learning, which is gorgeous and, like my aunt said, looks like something out of Harry Potter.  They have these nationality rooms, where the architecture and decorations are based on different cultures, and the seat designs are based on how they teach.  I even found where the Darlington Library used to be, even though no one in that building knew what I was talking about.

We also traveled up the Duquesne Incline…

Where we saw the gorgeous view at the beginning of this post...

Where we saw the gorgeous view at the beginning of this post…

It was a cool trip.  I got to know Lisa and Ryan a bit better, and they are really cool people.  I got to drink a bit without worrying about how I was getting home, which is always fun.  And most importantly, I got to go somewhere, which is great because I had been feeling so restless.  I still want to see things, but I’m okay for right now.  I don’t feel overwhelmingly stuck, which leads to me feeling at least slightly depressed.

So yeah, they said it would be fun.  They were right.

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