Brad Paisley’s Crushin’ It Tour

This is not something I’ve gone into on this blog (although I did in my previous one), but I am a huge country music fan.  In the past it’s been all I listened to, though I am branching out some now.  Still, my favorite musician of all time is (and probably always will be) Brad Paisley.

I’ve been in the fanclub for a while, hoping to get a Meet & Greet since I keep going to concerts (this was my sixth).  That still hasn’t happened, but I DID get a backstage tour this time…

We saw the buses…

There are 20 vehicles on the road with them.

There are 20 vehicles on the road with them.

The trucks…

Each one has a specific purpose, and only that equipment goes on it.

Each one has a specific purpose, and only that equipment goes on it.

The video equipment…

100 pieces of pre-planned content!

100 pieces of pre-planned content!2015053195184712

The sign that says the music has to be off by 11.

Or Mom will shut you down, boys.

Or Mom will shut you down, boys.

And, of course, THE GUITARS!

Pretty, pretty babies...

Pretty, pretty babies…

I even managed to see my mom and sister from stage.

We had pit tickets.

We had pit tickets.

After all that, we got to actually see the show…


As always, the show was amazing.  The Swon Brothers opened, and while I was only familiar with a couple of their songs, they had good energy and stage presence besides their sound being good.  Justin Moore was second, and we always love him.  And then Brad came out.

As always, his lights and videos were entertaining, but his guitar picking (which he is a god of, I’m convinced) and stage presence were strong enough that he was never upstaged.  There did seem to be a slight problem with his mic, where his voice was often close-to drowned out by the music, but that may have been due to our position.

He also had a full-functioning bar on stage.  He doesn’t drink, but it served Guinness Blondes to a ton of people all night because he is a big supporter of Guinness.  (If you’ve read any of my blog, you certainly know how feel about Guinness…)

Plus, for someone who has been to as many concerts as I have, it was nice to see him switch up his big song with Carrie Underwood.  If you’ve never seen a Brad Paisley show, whenever he sings a song that he duets with someone, he puts them on the video screen as a “guest” singer.  Usually, they’re just standing at a mic looking like they’re actually there, but this time he used somebody’s smart phone to “call” her.


He actually took several selfies and a couple videos.  Next time I’m in the Pit, I’m going to make sure I have a smarter phone.

All in all, it was a wonderful experience and left me a happy, happy girl.


10/10 would do again.  Still…REALLY hoping for a meet and greet…

The June Reader-Voted Poll is closed, and the winner is…Compare and Contrast favorite female superheroes.  That will be coming to you June 16th.  If you have a preference for a text, essay-like post or a YouTube video (I will get it right eventually!) please let me know in comments.

Meanwhile, the July Reader-Voted Poll starts…now.

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