Who is the Other Boleyn Girl?

I was trying to finish The Other Boleyn Girl for you tonight, but it’s over 700 pages and Pitch Perfect 2 came out tonight.  I will tell you more about the movie on Tuesday, but first: my initial thoughts about this book by Philippa Gregory.

1. I was horrified by how young she was when she married and subsequently bedded the king.  I mean, I know it’s historically accurate, but my god how disturbing.

2. The casual way that children are cast aside is also concerning.

3. I LOVE William Stafford, and I HATE the king.  I understand that’s because he was spoiled and raised to be king, but it still sucks.

4. I’m simultaneously impressed and disgusted with Anne.  The fact that she can manage to keep it going for so long is incredible but how she treats her sister is despicable.

5. I would HATE to be a courtier.

I promise it will be finished by next Thursday (hell, I’ll probably be done tomorrow, since I don’t have to work), and I can tell you more of my thoughts on it. In the meantime, look for my post about Pitch Perfect 2 and how it was the perfect sequel.  Oh, and don’t forget to answer my poll.

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