My Misadventures with Networking

I HATE networking.  I’m such an introvert with mild social anxieties and it’s hard enough for me to keep up with people my age that I like.  So talking to people that I’ve never met who might have the power to help me professionally is very stressful for me.

Yet, somehow, I ended up with two networking meetings on Friday.

I woke up at seven, had a quick shower, and went downstairs for breakfast and to help Mom with the kids for a little while.  I put on my make up and my nice black skirt and my favorite pink button down that I’ve had since senior year (of high school) and went out to the car.

“Did you get my parking pass?” Mom asked.

“I’m about to.”

Of course, I got distracted by the fact that my wallet wasn’t in my car and had to go back in.

“Did you get the parking pass?”

“I’ll get it when I go back out.”

The good news was that the hotel where I had my first meeting was very easy to find.  The bad news was that I got there a half hour early and suddenly realized I hadn’t grabbed the parking pass.

So the first meeting happened, it was fine, I got coffee.  And since I had two hours before my next one, I figured I could actually go home and get the parking pass.  Of course, driving down the road I spill the coffee all over my nice pink shirt, so now I have two reasons to go home.

I get home, I change quickly, I grab the pass, and I head back to my second meeting.  Getting into the car, though, I hear a rip.

I figure…it probably isn’t that bad.  Plus, it doesn’t matter how bad it is.  I don’t have any other “professional” bottoms, and the black jeans I sometimes use as a substitute are dirty.

So I went into my second meeting with my skirt split up the back.  It was kind of awful.

So yes.  I hate networking.  I mean, I guess it was fine.  And I know it’s necessary.  And I really, truly, desperately wish I had done more of it in college and while I was at Disney.  But there are a lot of factors and I’m bad at all of them.

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