Weekly Update, 4/21

Last Tuesday, I told you all about the Quidditch World Cup (and I still don’t have my coffee mug, guys).  On Wednesday, the same friend went with me to see Potted Potter.  All seven books in 70 minutes, with a massive game of Quidditch in the middle and ending with a “I Will Survive” parody song.  It was hilarious, and we’re already talking about seeing it next year.

Thursday was supposed to be tutoring, but I showed up at 6:15 to find out they had a Volunteer Appreciation Dinner.  I had only met about three people in the room (four if you count the toddler), so I felt a little out of place, but it was nice to hear what was going on, the food was good, and I got this cute little notebook that came with post-it notes.  So yay I guess.

Friday was really great.  Jonathan and I went to Discovery Place for Science on the Rocks.  I had a Sonic Screwdriver, played some video games, and even kissed him in the rainforest.  Oh, and sea cucumbers feel really weird, just fyi.  And I got free tickets to Kat Country Jam, so that will be my adventure for tomorrow.

I consider these things to be adventures, if more mundane ones than others.  I’m going to Durham this weekend with the girls, which is hopefully going to be fun, working on my novel, and trying to get things organized for my job search.  It’s been a little stressful, but I’m coping by watching a ton of Danny Phantom and exercising almost every day (which has been relaxing when I think of it as “taking care of myself” and “just do something” instead of “I ate too much, let me fix that”).

Speaking of which, my sister wants me to take her something at school and I have to be at work at noon, so this will be it for this blog post.  Keep adventuring.

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