Holy Crap, It’s Tuesday. Oops.

So after staying up really late last Thursday to finish and then write about Frankenstein, I finished a different book by four p.m. on Friday.  I figured I’d make this week a little easier for myself, so I went ahead and wrote the post about that book (it will come out on Thursday) and scheduled it to post.  Somehow, the fact that I still had to write something on Tuesday completely slipped my mind.

One of my coworkers was kind enough to share her cold with me, so I’ve been sick for the last week.  In fact, part of the reason I finished that book so quickly was because I could barely get out of bed.  It’s finally almost gone, but now I’m at the “coughing up gunk” stage, which is just nasty.  I have also been trying to work on my novel (I’ve written five whole pages!) and my family is home for my sister’s spring break, so I’ve been a little off lately.  Even tutoring tonight didn’t go as well as it has been going.  But I am muddling through.

My dad’s brother and his family came to town on Saturday.  Since my dad passed away, we don’t see them as much.  It was nice to have them in.  His kids have gotten really tall.  Clearly, I did not get those genes.  Sunday was Easter dinner, which was really tasty, but would have been more fun without sickness.  And yesterday, my family went to a movie in Matthews.  There’s this theater that gets the movies that have just phased out of other theaters, so the tickets are cheaper.  We finally saw Paddington, and mostly it reminded me of how much I miss England.

I’ve been thinking of looking for a job there, but I wonder how much of it is just that time in my life: the people I was with, the carefree nature of having nothing to worry about but a couple of papers.  Seeing Shakespeare as a requirement and being able to go to tea or the British museum or…whatever literally whenever I wanted.  While part of me wants to go to London again, and even live there full time for a while, the other part is worried that moving back will spoil the illusion at this point.  Who knows?

Well, there you go.  A quick update in eight minutes so that I don’t miss the deadline and I actually get this posted on Tuesday.  Whether I’ll get today’s allotted novel writing done is a different question, but no one can argue that I haven’t written.

P.S.: Quick book recommendation: Dealing with Dragons.  Do it.  Now.

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