It’s Book Club Thursday!  Between work and tutoring, I managed to finish a book to talk about with you all, and the book is Nameless.

No, seriously, it’s called Nameless, it’s the first in Lili St. Crow’s Tales of Beauty and Madness series.  It’s a retelling of Snow White set in a world that sort of mirrors ours, with the addition of “Potential,” which is their word for magic.  It’s a little difficult to understand at first for that reason, in addition to all of the other special vocabulary that is used in their world to describe people and objects.  However, once you’ve passed the first few chapters and begin to understand the jargon, it becomes impossible to put down.  I used it for my book with a one word title.

Cami has a mysterious past, lives with the Family (their term for a group of vampires), and has two best friends who end up being Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood.  After her adoptive father “transitions” into a full-fledged vampire, a boy shows up with her eyes and opens up the answers to her past.  As is to be expected, considering she was found bleeding in the snow when she was six, that past is dark and dangerous.  Even though she doesn’t remember it, it left her scarred physically and mentally, leaving her with a stutter, constant nightmares, and a voice in her head that continually tells her she is nothing.  In the end, she has to overcome all of that to fight back against her mother and realize that where she grew up is where she truly belonged and that family are the people you choose.

My most favorite thing about this book:  I love Cami’s friendship with Ellie and Ruby.  Even though she feels like the third wheel, the reader can tell how much they love her.  Plus, it fulfills my dream of Disney Princesses being best friends.

My least favorite thing about this book: Cami’s relationship with Nico is a little shaky.  He says things and goes against them sometimes, making him seem unreliable.  He gets better, but because the story is so Cami-centric, we don’t see his evolution nearly as much.  It makes their relationship seem a little flimsy.

Who I would most like to recommend this book to: Anyone who likes a good fairy tale retold, or who thinks Snow White can’t be feminist.  You can bite me.

Where this book sits on my bookshelf:  Between Heidi and a juvenile book called The Ghost, the White House, and Me.

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