My Movie Update

I’m not much of a movie person, so there are a lot of “classics” I haven’t seen.  For instance, I finally saw Jurassic Park the other week.  But the movies I’ve been really excited about watching are, of course, animated.  This past week I saw Big Hero 6 and MegaMind.

First, Big Hero 6: I went into it already knowing (spoiler!) that Tadashi dies, but it still made me very sad.  I LOVED the diversity. My cousin watched part of it with me and I got to show her the girl scientists and we talked about how cool they were.  Plus, the personalities are so well-developed.  I loved that Go Go is the tough chick, but she’s still the first to comfort Hiro.  And I love Honey Lemon with her sweetness and her toughness and her high heels!  I love that the lines are blurred between the good and bad guys, the heroes get emotional and make mistakes, even bad moral ones, and have to be reminded how to be good.  I’ve already ordered it and am really excited to show the rest of it to my cousin.

Then, MegaMind.  SO GOOD.  It was incredibly funny, both on a line-by-line level of just general wit, and on a deeper level of making fun of superhero/supervillain tropes.  Of course, my favorite characters are the “jerk with a heart of gold” types, so that might have influenced me a little.  I loved that, in the end, he did get to be the good guy.  And when he tried to do it pretending to be someone else, he failed, but once he was himself, he managed to save the day.  Lots of great lessons about destiny, staying true to yourself, etc.

So while I really liked Jurassic Park, I loved the two animated features I watched.  But…I fell asleep during Pretty in Pink.  It’s the next one on my list, besides The Book of Life which I’m waiting for at the library.  My list has gotten rather long, but I’m hoping for good things.  I am also open to suggestions, so tell me your favorite movie in the comments.

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