Technically, it’s still Thursday in Honolulu for another twenty minutes, so…Book Club Thursday!

I JUST finished Watchmen by Alan Moore, and I’m kind of reeling.  It’s very dark and very gritty, and it’s…a weird ending.  I mean technically, I guess that counts as happy.

Watchmen is a graphic novel about a universe mirroring ours, exploring what would happen if superheros were real.  The story itself mainly follows Rorshach as he investigates someone trying to kill “masked adventurers,” most of which were his old friends.  Of course, all of the living superheros are drawn in for the same reason.  Most of them are just ordinary men in masks, but one is the equivalent of a god, knowing the future, able to teleport, and able to control other substances.  He is America’s ultimate weapon, and when he leaves, war threatens to break out of the entire world.  Between that and the “Masked Killer,” two other old adventurers realize something bigger is happening and tries to save humanity.  The story is intertwined with a pirate adventure story of a man who goes mad trying to save his town from a damned ship and her ghostly-esque crew.

Since this is a graphic novel, some mention should be made of the art (illustrated by Dave Gibbons), but…I don’t know that much about art.  It’s very clear, clarifying and enhancing the words at every angle, and very ominous.  The colors and sharp angles match the grittiness of the story.  Actually, the colors begin bright and become more muted as the story gets darker and more hopeless.

Overall, it’s a warning about handing too much power to an individual and story about the miracle of everyday life.

My most favorite thing about this book: There’s a scene where Laurie and Dan save some tenants of a burning building, and then have sex.  Laurie starts talking about how she hopes it’s “started his appetite,” and Dan says it has.  When she asks what he wants to do, his answer is hilarious.  Possibly my favorite scene in the book.

My least favorite thing about this book: Who Laurie’s father turns out to be.

Who I would most like to recommend this book to: If you like graphic novels, or if you are looking to try one, this is a good one.  You don’t sacrifice story for the format.

Where this book sits on my bookshelf:  After Miss Piggy’s Rules and before Lamb by Christopher Moore.

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