Random thoughts about this week.

  • I finally saw Jurassic Park last night.  For me, this counts as an accomplishment: 1, I read the book in 2013 for the express purpose of finally watching the movie and that’s only just now happened.  And 2, I got the movie from the library and it’s kind of overdue.
  • It’s been snowing this morning, so I cancelled my dentist appointment but I still have to go to work.  Which is fine, I guess, considering I’m being very expensive this week and really need the hours.
  • This is how I’m being expensive: tonight, dinner and drinks with a friend while we watch the Carolina/State game (which reminds me, must find a Carolina shirt to wear…), Saturday driving up to Chapel Hill and going to be eating out up there practically all weekend, so gas and food money.  Plus, I am buying this, you can’t talk me out of it, I’m ordering it as soon as I publish this post.
  • I have however continued to refrain from buying books.  It’s been two months, and I’m kinda proud of myself.  Also feel like I’m finally making some progress as far as getting books I already own read.  Working on Watchmen now, stay tuned for Book Club Thursday this week.
  • Tonight is my first tutoring “job.”  I decided to volunteer and at first I just said I’d babysit.  Then I thought, what the heck, and put down tutoring too.  Then she actually asked me to do tutoring and I realized I made a horrible mistake and now I’m going to be helping a kindergartener get ready for first grade.  Wish us both luck.
  • Because of that and the game, I won’t be able to watch the final Agent Carter or Parks and Rec live, which I’m both sad and relieved about.
  • The month of May is going to kill me.  It’s when the first draft of my book is supposed to be finished, plus Sarah Dessen’s new book and Pitch Perfect 2 are coming out, plus the Brad Paisley concert is happening.  I’m going to put in for meet and greet again, maybe this time I’ll actually get it.
  • How do you keep yourself accountable for imaginary deadlines you made up?
  • …It’s cold, and my laptop needs to be plugged in.  Carry on with your day.
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