Long Story Short, Continued.

I did finish the short story book this week, but that was it as far as books go. And I finished it Tuesday, so I have no excuse.

Everything I said last week still applies.  Short story books are hard to read in a few sittings.  All of the stories were very well written (I knew they would be; Marianne Gingher doesn’t take poor quality writing) but they were not all my cup of tea.  Since this book is different than many of the books I’ve talked about, I’m going to write this post differently.  Instead of an overall review, I’m going to share a little bit about my three favorite stories from the collection.

“Registry” by Sarah Dessen: this is the first story I actually read out of the collection, because Sarah Dessen is my favorite author of all time.  Her novels are all young adult, but the characters in registry are a little older and the situation a little more mature.  She uses the perfect amounts of subtlety and sensory descriptions to tell an amazing story.

“In New York” by Doug Marlette: I think my favorites in this collection were stories that were both realistic and things I would never do in a million years.  Being Southern, I loved how the main character reacted in this story.  Marlette perfectly balanced the attempt to live in a world while still belong in another.

“Devil’s Island” by Margaret Maron: this one actually isn’t realistic, and it’s one of the shorter stories in the collection, but at the end of the page my jaw dropped.  It’s so subtle and clever that you have to consider what she’s telling you very carefully but the payoff is incredible.

You might not love every story in the collection, but you can definitely find something that speaks to you, especially if you love North Carolina writers.

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