Short Stories

I have read over a hundred pages this week, but I didn’t finish a book yesterday.  There are two I’ve been working on this week.  First, I’ve been reading The Beautiful and Damned by F. Scott Fitzgerald with my boyfriend.  One of the things I miss about college is getting to read a book and discuss it with other people who read the book, plus it’s better with him because I am completely at ease and feel I can voice my opinions and I know I already respect and enjoy his way of thinking.  It’s a win-win, but it’s a slow read.

The other book is a slow read, but for a different reason.  I’m reading Long Story Short, a short stories anthology edited by Marianne Gingher.  More than short, each piece is a “flash fiction.”  Every other page, the reader has to jump into a new story.

I like short stories, but I feel like they should be taken one or two at a time.  Reading a whole book of them is hard.

It’s also making me really miss UNC.  The editor, as well as a few of the writers, are fantastic Creative Writing professors at the University of North Carolina.  I respect their work and especially miss learning from Marianne Gingher, Bland Simpson, and Pam Durban.

So, sorry, short post and rather late in the day, but next Thursday I’ll hopefully have finished TWO books.

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