Five Random Thoughts from the week

1. Yesterday, I went suit shopping, because I had a dream that Disney called me saying, “We want to interview you! Can you be on the next plane to Florida?” and I kept thinking, “No, I need until at least tomorrow, because I still don’t have a suit!”  In order to assuage this fear, I went and bought a suit.  Well, I bought a really expensive blazer and a fairly cheap skirt that go really well together.

2. This morning I finally had my first Story Time.  It was fine.  Probably could have gone better.  But it was an edifying experience in this idea: one of the songs I did flopped, and I had thought that if something like that happened, the whole session would be lost.  But it’s really not.  One element not working doesn’t mean the whole thing is a write-off.  And now I know, that’s not a song I should use.

3. Right before I began this post, I had to restart my laptop no less than three times, even though it’s only a few months old. So Public Service Announcement: always back up your work.

4. Maureen Johnson has a book coming out in February.   I wrote the date down in my planner incorrectly, so I thought I was getting the book a month earlier than I am.  Which sucks because I SO need to figure out where Steven went and how they’re gonna work their relationship out and…ARRRGGGGHHH.

5. I LOVE Agent Carter.  I hate the men she works with.  Except Souza.  I’m even angry with Howard and Jarvis for hiding information from her.  But I love her femininity and her ruthlessness in battle and her ability to use people’s sexism against them.  Hopefully, they’ll follow Galavant’s lead and order a second season.  Speaking of Galavant, I haven’t watched since the first episode.  And now that it’s not a one and done thing…I’m not sure I will watch again.  It’s not as exciting to me as Agent Carter is.

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