My Top 5 Ads

Some of you already know this, but in college I decided that I would like to work in advertising.  There are a lot of reasons for this.  Most importantly, it involves writing.  I specifically want to work as a copywriter in advertising, so, as the name suggests, there is a lot of writing included.  But also, I read a book about 20 ads that changed the world, and it got me thinking about the effect advertising has on our everyday lives.

I wanted to talk about my favorite ads personally and why I love them.  This is my top five.

1. The Old Spice Guy

One of the great things about this ad is how far it went and how interactive it became.  There were videos in which he responded to tweets, there was a site to build your own Old Spice voicemail message, and this past year, he even participated in the Ice Bucket Challenge.  The campaign had legs.

But the reason it was able to go so far was because so many people liked it to begin with.  There are a ton of ads for men’s products that tell them how women will fall all over them, but this is the first (that I’ve seen) that implies that without actually insulting the women.  And it’s funny.

2. Dumb Ways to Die

Have you played this game?  Go play this game.  Now.  Or watch the video.  Catchy song, right?  Gets stuck in your head.

The first time I watched it was because a friend (with no interest in advertising at all) showed it to me thinking it was hilarious.  Then I started playing the game, then I told all my friends to play the game because I wanted to beat their high scores.  So what started as a PSA became a viral hit, all because they used cute characters, a catchy tune, and realized the game potential in it.

3. The Amazon Fire Ad.

There are a lot of “we support gay marriage, so you should buy our product” ads, and…I hate most of them.  The point of an ad is to show your product.  This one does.  It shows the product, the feature that makes it better than their competitors, and why/how you should use it.  It just happens that the guy who ordered one is married to another man.  It’s not the main focus of the ad.  I’ve always liked that about this particular commercial.

4. AT&T Family Plan with Gordon Ramsay

Now, all of this commercials are pretty good, but this is my favorite.  This agency is one that knows how to use a celebrity endorsement well.

5. Little Girl Goes to Disney World.

Okay, this ad STILL makes me tear up and want to go to Disney World.

Part of it is probably the nostalgia of it all, but also it does a great job of capturing the magic of the park and the magnitude of meeting the Head Cheese himself.

(Which is part of why I want a job at Yellow Shoes. My portfolio is at

What are your favorite ads?

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