And Happy New Year! And New Books.

Yay!  First Book Club Thursday of 2015!  Woohoo!

Those of you who have been keeping up know that I intend to complete a book challenge this year.  I talked about it at the end of my December book challenge.

The rules are: I have to tell you about every one of them, they can’t be books I have already read, and I have to choose them from books I already own.  Considering that I own almost 400 books I have yet to read, I think I should be all right (although I am a little worried about finding one set in my hometown as nothing is set in my hometown).

Since today is the start of a new year, I started a new book and checked off the “Book I can finish in a day.”  I was at my friend’s house this morning, bored since she hadn’t woken up yet, so my options were a little limited.  Not that she doesn’t have books, she has books, but it had to be one I owned and most of the options we both have, I’ve already read.  But not all, so I finally settled on a book she had been bugging me to read for a while.

Maybe I’m biased against James Patterson because he doesn’t write most of his books (he can’t! He puts out three a year), but I was not impressed.  The writing was fine, but not magical.  His characterization was spotty.  Jane was a completely different person while Michael was in her life, and it can’t all be contributed to her being happy.  It should have been a more gradual change, but instead it looks like all of her strength came from him.  Her mother was shown to be a harpy and to take everyone else’s side against Jane’s, but (spoiler alert) while she’s dying she says none of that was true.  It felt very out of character.

He made it seem like hunger was a bad thing, showing that Jane stopped eating once she was happy because she “wasn’t hungry.”  It would have been fine if she had stopped eating based on her emotions, but she just said she wasn’t hungry.  Obviously when she didn’t eat, she lost weight, but I hated that she had to do that.  Why can’t a heroine be a little bigger?

Also, I could not get over the weirdness of Michael falling in love with a nine year old and then finding her again and having sex with her years later.  And the story really could have started on page 129, if he had given us the background information as needed instead of as one big chunk in the beginning.

So basically, the first book of 2015 was kind of a dud.  But I read it.  Sarah Dessen says that what you do on New Year’s you’ll do all year, so I read, and now I’m writing.  That’s all I really need to do this year.

My favorite thing about this book:  Probably the scene where she buys her own ring at Tiffany’s.  I love Tiffany’s, and I’ve been wanting to buy my own “right-hand ring” for a while now.  I know that ad she mentioned, and I think it’s great.

My least favorite thing about this book:  The fact that he FELL IN LOVE WITH A NINE YEAR OLD!

Who I would most like to recommend this book to:  …probably no one, honestly.

Where I read this book:  In my best friend’s bedroom, as well as in my own home.

Where this book sits on my bookshelf:  Between S. Truett Cathy’s autobiography and The Perks of Being a Wallflower.  I filed it under Gabrielle Charbonnet because I think she deserves more credit.

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