Book A Day Challenge, 12 through 18

Hello again!  Like promised, I’m going to do seven more books from PenguinUK’s December book challenge.  1 through 11 can be found here.

This was found on the PenguinUKBooks Instagram.

This was found on the PenguinUKBooks Instagram.

12. Book of Poems: I wanted to use my Langston Hughes book, but I’ve kind of misplaced it.  So instead, I decided to use the prettiest book of poems I have: Princess by Tennyson.  It also has my favorite poem of all time in it: The Lady of Shalott.


13. Stocking filler: I picked this one specifically because of its size.  The picture has it next to a coffee mug so you can see how small it is.  I bought it in London, and it’s a replica of a book created for Queen Mary’s dollhouse.


14. Read at school: I was an English major, so there are a lot of books I could have used for this one.  Plus, my seventh grade math teacher saw me at my job at the library and said, “This is the perfect place for you!  How do they keep you from reading all the books?” so I could also put a lot of books here that I literally read at school.  But this was one of my favorites, which I read my senior year of high school.  Plus, I’ve been thinking about that class a lot anyway because my senior English teacher’s wife just passed away, and…well, it doesn’t seem quite real.


15.  Favorite color cover:  For the poetry question, I had a lot of books to choose from.  This book could have easily fit the description, but it is also pink with black in it, and those are my favorite colors.


16. It’s already wrapped, but you can see the actual book here. It’s called Beautiful Brides, because my cousin has been wanting a book that has Jasmine’s wedding in it and we’re trying to teach her to read.  Which is why I don’t mind posting it here.  She’ll never know.  Anyway, I love her a lot.  Sometimes my boyfriend has to remind me that she isn’t actually my child.


17. A funny read…not for the faint of heart or easily offended.  Or…even the not so easily but still possible to be offended.


18. And a massive tome.  Possibly the longest book I’ve ever read.  Not that I’ve measured…


So show up next week to see 19 through 25!  I will still post, even though it’s Christmas.  And we’ll see what books I get!

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