Book-A-Day Challenge, 1-11

So…this is a thing that I wanted to do, but I don’t live in the UK, I don’t have Instagram, and I’m awful at doing anything “a-day,” so I figured what I would do is do it here, for Book Club Thursday.  But since it’s for the entire month of December, I’ll just start with today and the ten days of December that have passed us.

This was found on the PenguinUKBooks Instagram.

This was found on the PenguinUKBooks Instagram.

1. Pride and Prejudice: “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.”  Lizzie Bennett has the t-shirt and, to be honest, I’m still upset I missed it when it was in the store.

2014-12-11_08-56-03_879[1] 2014-12-11_08-56-21_645[1]

2. This is Water: This book is super short, but left me feeling unsettled and wanting to pray, for the first time in a long time, at one o’clock in the morning.  Books like this keep you up at night.


3. The Beautiful and the Damned: Not only is this book on my Christmas list, this specific edition is on my Christmas list.  Usually, I read a book, fall in love with it, and THEN want the pretty copy, but this and The Wind in the Willows, I want the pretty copy right off the bat.

This is the only image (besides the challenge itself) that I did not personally take. I found it on

4. I guess it depends on how you define a “chilly night.”  If it’s a night that you’re scared or lonely and can’t get the covers to wrap tightly enough around you, then this is definitely my book for that.  The edges are worn because I’ve read it so many times and if I go anywhere for longer than a couple of days, it comes with me.


5. I guess this is because it’s actually a British arm of the publishing company, but for me, there was no contest.


6. I’m choosing this as my “everyone should read” not because of how great the writing is, but because it’s really helpful for parsing the crap from the reality when people are trying to sell you things.


7. Childhood favorite: No. Contest.


8. A classic, Perry Mason. Also, a pretty book.


9. If you open it up, it’s got physical souvenirs in a little pouch.  That, and the rose on the cover, were the only things I knew about this book when I asked for it.  Also, if someone without phone anxiety issues wants to call this number so I can find out if anything happens, I’d love you forever.


10.  I buy books so often and have such a horrible memory that it’s hard to determine which was my last.  However, I think it was these…at Goodwill.


11. And, for my Christmas classic and, coincidentally, the book I was intending to read next: Dickens.


I’ll do 12 – 18 next Book Club Thursday, so come back then.

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