Big Five (Again)

I don’t think I have a whole lot to say today so, instead…here are five things that have happened to me in the last week.

1. Yesterday I ordered my new laptop.  Single largest purchase I have ever made, personally, and I was very nervous about it.  But I spent the extra five bucks expecting it to get her Thursday, and it actually arrived today.  So far so good, but it’s still a little weird.

2. I named her Felicia.

3. I am working on my first Story Time.  It’s going to be on December 23rd, and it’s going to be Christmas Eve themed.  I’m a little nervous, but mostly excited.  I’m also planning a book themed Story Time and a princess themed Story Time for next year.

4. I went to see Mockingjay Pt. 1.  I plan to talk more about it on Book Club Thursday.

5.  I did go to my boyfriend’s house the other night.  We cooked dinner together, had some wine, and watched (in between the cooking and eating) Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.  Between that and the laptop-buying thing, I’m noticing more moments where I feel like an adult.

Yeah…I guess that’s really it.

Well, that’s not it.  There’s one other thing.  But I really don’t feel up to talking about it at the moment, so…until next week?

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