This Week

Well, today is Saturday.  Not my usual update day, but I missed two in a row, so I wanted to say something.

Tuesday was my sister’s birthday.  In honor of that, my best friend and I committed a tiny act of vandalism (okay, we painted the high school rock, which is totally the point. Let me have my bad girl moment!) on Monday night.  Then Tuesday didn’t feel like Tuesday and I forgot to do a post and we went to dinner and it was just not happening.

Then Thursday rolled around.  I still hadn’t finished Frankenstein.  I spent a while trying to decide what book I should write about instead.  Then, in the evening, I started feeling sick.  So all day yesterday, I was on the couch next to a trash can.  Rough day for me.

The good news is, I feel infinitely better and my weekend plans may even be in tact.  And since I failed to update twice in one week, I’m going to make a “listicle” of five things that have happened or occurred to me since my last post.

1. Last Friday was my boyfriend’s birthday.  We went to an archery lesson, and I am entirely too competitive at things I am not good at.  It’s something I’m trying to get over, especially in writing.  If I do not practice, I will never improve.

2.  I miss England a ridiculous amount.

3. Someone tried to use my credit card account at Winn Dixie.  Now, I love Winn Dixie, but the last time I was in one was in May, right before I left Disney World.  I bought four bottles of honey mustard.  So I’ve only had this card for about a month and it had to be canceled.  Fun times.

4. Pitch Perfect 2 comes out in May.  I don’t think I’m going to be able to stand myself.  You have no idea how much I love Pitch Perfect, guys.

5.  Sarah Dessen’s new book Saint Anything also comes out in May.  I’m going to request a review copy so that I can review it on this blog for you lovely readers.  However, for my request to be successful, I may need more people to be following/viewing my posts.  So please take a second to comment, follow, or share, and we’ll see what happens.  I’m sending the request in next Friday no matter what, so if you want to know how good it is before it comes out, publicize the crap out of this.

So this is a brief summary of things that have happened while I haven’t been updating.  I will see you on Tuesday.

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