Yes Please

I am trying something new today.  Today is going to be the first Book Club Thursday.

Basically, my goal is to read at least a book a week, and then tell you about it.  Although if that doesn’t happen, I may tell you about a book I’ve read before that I love.  This could take several forms: might be a general gushing/ranting about the book, might be a legitimate, critical review, or it might be like the papers I had to do in college, where I talk about symbolism and deeper meanings.

Today’s book is Yes Please by Amy Poehler.  If you don’t know who that is, you can find her IMDB site here.  Personally, I love her in Parks & Rec, and I had seen gifsets on Tumblr of her and Tina Fey being feminist, so I wanted her book as soon as I knew it was a thing.

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Beforehand, it had been a while since I had read a memoir.  I forgot how dense and fluid they can be.  Memoirs don’t tell a story the way a novel has to.  They aren’t always in chronological order.  They’re linked more by ideas and themes than by an actual timeline, and for someone who generally reads novels, it can be a bit of an adjustment.  But Yes Please was entirely worth it.

There are times when Yes Please seems like Amy’s love letter to her life and her friends and family.  As such, it is completely beautiful, but it goes further than that because she shares them and so much more with the reader.  She tells them what mistakes she has made and what mistakes she continues to make.  She shows that she is human and the good and bad things that come with that.  She treats the reader like a younger sibling and uses them as confidant while simultaneously trying to impart her wisdom.

Obviously, this edition of Book Club Thursday was just me gushing about this book I really loved.  This is partially because I don’t like this posts going to far over 400 words, and I had to set up the idea which gave me less space to work with.  Sorry if you’re disappointed.  Maybe next week will be a critical analysis week.  Of course, I’m not sure which of the three books I’m reading will be done by then, so that will greatly affect what you get.  And, for future reference, I will consider recommendations.

My favorite thing about this book:  Probably Amy’s sex advice.

My least favorite thing about this book:  Now I want to go to Chicago and visit UCB.

Who I would most like to recommend this book to:  Parks & Rec fans.  In many ways, Amy IS Leslie Knope.

Where I read this book:  Mostly on the couch at home.

Where this book sits on my bookshelf:  Between Jerry Pinkney’s version of Aesop’s Fables and Addy Learns a Lesson from American Girls.

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