Demisexuality and Asexual Awareness Week

Since literally NO ONE answered my poll on what I should write about this week, I let Tumblr do the work…which is not unusual for me, but whatever.  It has been brought to my attention that October 26th through November 1st is Asexual Awareness Week.  As such, this week’s post will be about sexuality.  If you are not mature enough to handle that conversation, or you don’t want to associate the conversation with me personally (which is fine), then please ignore it.

(Not that many people read these anyway…)

Now, I am not asexual.  No one I know has told me that they are asexual.  When it comes to asexuality, I will probably leave it at: it is a thing, it means you do not feel sexual attraction, and there is nothing wrong with it.  If anyone would like to educate me more on the matter, feel free to do so.

I do however know someone who identifies as demisexual, which is on the spectrum.

Someone who identifies as demisexual does experience sexual attraction.  They just don’t experience it as often as others.  When they do experience it, it is with someone (or for someone) that they have an emotional connection to.  Sometimes, it is gender-blind, and sometimes its a clarification based on a preferred gender.

And, honestly, I’ve been considering whether or not this is something I identify with.  Because while there are a lot of people I see and think, “Yeah, you’re nice to look at,” the number of people I would actually consider sleeping with is way lower.  In the single digits.

Or maybe the truth is that I’m only ever interested when I’m thoroughly relaxed and I’m only thoroughly relaxed around a handful of people that I also think are nice to look at.  I haven’t really made up my mind.  But the point of this week is that I know it’s an option.

This is why Asexuality Awareness Week exists.  Well, half of it at least.  It is important for people to realize that there are people who don’t experience sexual attraction the way mainstream media considers normal.  It’s important to know that, however you experience that attraction, isn’t weird or wrong.  That there are others who can empathize.

But it’s also important because there are people who treat it as something that is wrong, or doesn’t truly exist.  Which can emotionally hurt the people who identify that way.  Or, worse, those people can physically hurt them, because there have been cases of “corrective rape” for people who just plain don’t like sex.  And that is never okay.

If you want more information on asexuality, you can try

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2 thoughts on “Demisexuality and Asexual Awareness Week

  1. Thanks for this post. It’s such a nice and concise explanation of demisexuality and asexuality that doesn’t fall into misrepresenting either group. 🙂

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