Ten Mistakes I Will Never Make Again (And a Couple I Probably Will)

1. Sharing an article online that I have not thoroughly read and explored.

2. Sharing cereal from a bag with a two year old (trust me on this one).

3. Wait a whole week to tell my mother something I should have told her immediately.

4. On a similar note, take for granted that I can take care of something I clearly cannot and refuse to ask for help.

5. Wait when I definitely need to find a restroom and the bus ride is going to take a whole hour.

6. Leave my passport out at Customs (oops…)

7. Say something that might be inappropriate without being completely sure of what it means.

8. Take something as such a sure thing that I neglect to make a back-up plan.

9. Ride a scooter down a hill in flip flops without a helmet (I promise)

10. Get a tattoo or piercing at a place I haven’t fully vetted.

And a few I probably will:

1. Drive a little over the speed limit.

2. Act before thinking something completely through.

3. Get close to someone even if it might end badly.

4. Choose to spend time with a person or experiencing something rather than doing something “productive.”

5. Stay up too late trying to finish what I should have already finished, reading a book, or doing something that can’t wait until morning.

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